Duplicate User Accounts and Merging of Accounts

Multiple User Accounts at SYNE

We do not recommend duplicate accounts for the same user. The user can request for deleting the same or can close that account themselves. Please ensure the existing account is real, genuine and validated. Duplicate user accounts will be deactivated by SYNE during regular intervals without further notifications.

Merging of User Accounts

  1. If you have two accounts A and B and You want to merge account B with A ie only A will exist post the merge.
  2. First login to account A (the account which the user is logged in will be considered as primary).
  3. Go to Accounts settings, select merge accounts
  4. Mention details of account B and validate giving the password.
  5. Once done account B will get merged to A

Note: The user URL of Account B will be linked to the Account A.