Communications and Notifications from SYNE

Transaction Notifications for a Project?

A registered user receives an email notification for all his transactions to the Email id provided. 

Once the user completes a financial transaction the system notifies the User with the below details: 

  • Project Name
  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction Status (Success of Failure) 
  • Amount Donated/Funded with Currency Code (eg: AUD), 
  • Payment Type (Credit Card, NetBanking etc)

How does SYNE contact customers?

All communications will be through the platform or to the email id provided.  In case of Emergency, we will call on the given phone number.

Kindly make sure your email and phone numbers are updated at SYNE. 

Legitimate Communication – Watch out for phishing

As you are aware, fraudsters use phishing to obtain your sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information. You may receive emails and links that direct you to false websites, or infect your computer with malware. 

While it is not easy to recognize a spoofed email since they look convincing or appear to come from a known email addresses there are some checkpoints.

  • CHECK the headers of an email to find out more about the source of the message.
  • READ and VERIFY new or unexpected emails.  
  • LOOKOUT for messages containing bad spelling, grammar and that aren’t addressed to you personally.
  • SAFEGUARD yourself against messages urging you for IMMEDIATE action.  
  • Be CAREFUL of messages asking you to open an attachment to install a software update. 
  • SYNE doesn’t send emails with attachments, and will never ask you to provide your password via email, Direct Message, or reply. 
  • SYNE will never ask you for your password or ask you to download any programs. 
  • To report phishing emails you’ve received, please forward the suspicious email to