Unique Environmental Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work


Unique Environmental Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work

by admin

by admin

Fundraising events play a huge role in connecting people to social cause fundraising. In fact, 90% Australians believe it’s essential for people to come together in person to promote a positive change — regardless of age, gender, income, or geography. And 1 in 4 Australians have attended an event supporting a particular cause within the last year.

So, how can you come up with fundraising idea that will inspire participation and donations? Here’s a list of some unique fundraising ideas to get started or spark a new idea of your own.

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Go ‘green’ with your next fundraiser with one of these environmentally-friendly event ideas. 

Seedling sale — Set up in a busy parking lot and ask departing drivers to purchase seedlings of plants or trees. Call it a “carbon exchange” — for the pollution their cars emit, drivers purchase a seedling, and you commit to planting it.

Note, SYNE Foundation is promoting 100 Million Trees Initiative across Australia to offset carbon footprint.

Christmas tree recycling — A January-specific fundraising idea. Charge a fee to dispose of a tree. If you have the space (and permit) for it, a bonfire party can turn the necessity into a festivity!

“Junk” donations — Some stuff isn’t worthy of a garage sale, but it’s still worth money. Have community members donate their used ink cartridges, defunct electronics, and old magazines. You can resell these to recyclers for a profit.

Tote bag sales — Team up with a local grocer interested in encouraging customers to bring their own bags. You supply the bags, for a fee that ties directly back to your environmental cause.

Guided hike — Host a guided hike on a trail led by an expert who can point out the value of the environs and why our natural world is so valuable.

Meatless Monday dinner party — Giving up meat just one day a week can have a huge impact on our environmental footprint. Promote the idea of “meatless Monday” with a hosted dinner cooked by a celebrated vegetarian or vegan chef.

Plant a community garden — Invite those with aspiring green thumbs to come together and plant a community garden to benefit at-risk communities.

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